Price List

Each coaching session is held in the strictest confidence, on a one-to-one basis via Skype (you can Skype-to-Skype for free), in the comfort of your own home. One-to-One Specialised Tuition sessions are face-to-face.

Resilience Coaching

Resilience sessions are for 60 minutes

Perception & Beyond €52
Work Styles Assessment 1 [120 mins + Report] €125
Work Styles Assessment 2 [*] €52
Coping With A Health Challenge €52

[*] Completion of Work Styles Assessment 1 is a requirement for Work Styles Assessment 2.

NLP Life Coaching

NLP sessions are for 60 minutes

NLP Life Coaching €52

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching available upon request

One-To-One Specialised Tuition

One-To-One sessions are for 60 minutes

English As A Second Language €38
Stress-Management & Literacy Tuition For Dyslexics (Adults) €50
School Exam Preparation €38