A Question of Perspective

How do you prefer to begin your day?

I try to set an intention – this could be anything from ‘I will experience complete happiness/love/joy today’ to someone’s recent goal of ‘continuing seeing angels and discovering miracles’. I find that if I focus on what I want, rather than on what I don’t want (therefore your intention should be positively framed), I automatically allow my attention to focus on what I want to experience.

Of course, the person concerned may not literally have begun to see winged beings descending from the heavens, not unless he were highly intuitive and able to see spirit. However, this doesn’t mean that he couldn’t learn to develop this skill. Alternatively, he may have begun to witness metaphorical angels entering his life and to pay closer attention to the daily ‘miracles’ that occur around us, such as a flower bud opening or simply our waking each morning to another day of infinite possibilities…

Whether or not you’re interested in seeing angels and discovering miracles, it’s our choice what we do with the myriad of opportunities available to each of us in any given moment. Why not expand your awareness and discover where the journey might take you?