The seeds of knowledge may come in various forms. Sometimes we gain insight into our own experiences through learning from others. With this in mind, I’ve decided to give voice to what I’ve learned on my own journey, under the sub-section entitled ‘Inspirational’.

Unless otherwise stated, the materials here are all my own and come in a variety of formats – poetry, reflections, articles or stories. The idea being that the different formats allow the information to be easily accessible, depending on your personal preference, mood, or whether you have a few moments or longer to spare and therefore can be enjoyed at anytime.

The stories are designed to be fun as well as thought-provoking. Please note that, as a rule, they are written in such a way that you yourself derive the meaning, which is articulated in metaphoric form. Hence, it is entirely your choice as to how to interpret the metaphor and the way in which it relates to your own life or particular circumstance – whether past or present.

As a social-scientist, I’m also naturally interested in facts and figures. Some of you, at this point, having dipped into the ‘Inspirational’ materials may be wondering: So, where’s the scientific evidence to prove all of this? If this is you or if you’d simply like to learn more about the science behind some of what I do or what I’ve written, the ‘Research’ articles and web links to articles will be of interest.

Research-based – either the product of a literature review, field research or a mixture of both – they are directed at an audience primarily interested in scientifically-based knowledge. Again, unless otherwise stated, the articles are my own. The sources of the research, however, generally come from academic publications, scientific journals and/or newspaper articles.

Thus, in contrast to the personal tone of the ‘Inspirational’ section, the ‘Research’ pieces shed light on scientifically proven facts, generalised patterns and trends within society.