Specialised Tuition

I also offer services in the following areas:

  • English as a Second Language: I have taught English to foreign learners – adults and children alike – for several years both privately and at schools such as the British Council (Rome), International House (Rome) and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce (Paris). My approach to English language learning is highly personalised and focuses on two main elements: (i) identifying and imparting the strategies to enable you to learn more effectively; and, (ii) teaching you English.
    Research shows that as individuals, each one of us has our own ideal ‘style’ in terms of learning (learning style). Most of us, however, remain unaware of this. We use different strategies (or sometimes the same one), some of which are useful and successful; others, less so. Wouldn’t it be ideal to focus on the more successful strategies and learn with greater ease and faster? This is what I propose. By assessing your specific learning style – that is how you learn best – and tailoring my methods accordingly, you are able to make faster progress and learning even becomes fun!
  • Stress-Management & Literacy Tuition for Dyslexics (Adults): This is a mixture between skills tuition, (such as time-management and organisational skills; how to learn more effectively, depending on the individual’s own specific learning style; report writing and writing for different audiences), English literacy and stress-management coaching for specific needs.
  • School Exam Preparation: This involves working with children and young people for preparation of schools exams, including strategies and techniques for exam success, in English and/or French for the British SATs, GCSEs, AS and ‘A’ level. Available also, is Maximising exam success: time-management, goal-setting and how to learn more effectively, based on your child’s particular learning style.