Work Styles Assessment 1

In life, the criteria we imagine for our ideal job may look good on paper but in practice may turn out to be quite the opposite. This may be due to a variety of reasons. More often than not, though, it can boil down to less obvious aspects, such as tensions between our preferred work style versus the prevailing style in a particular work culture or environment.

Tensions may also come to the fore when a business is going through a restructuring process, where job roles, objectives and even the company’s mission statement can be drawn into question and/or revised. The phrase ‘crisis of identity’ may even be banded about, as the company/institution struggles to redefine itself within the wider picture of a competitive market. While the company redefines its role, however, its remaining workforce can struggle to redefine theirs.

Work Styles Assessment 1 is a practical tool for those who are either undergoing such a process, contemplating a career move or simply want to better understand the culture and dynamics of how and where they work.

Covering various issues, it provides insight into your preferred working style as well as your motivational traits and among other things, aims to provide answers to such questions as:

  • What aspects most motivate me in my current/previous work?
  • What’s my preferred working style (i.e. how do I prefer to work)?
  • What’s my ideal work situation?
  • In what working environment do I thrive best?
  • How do I specifically respond to stress and change?
  • How well suited is my current role to my motivational and preferred working style traits?

In this package, you’ll receive a handwritten (not computer generated) analysis and report of approximately 2-3 pages, based on an initial coaching session of up to 2 hours.

Each session is held in the strictest confidence, on a one-to-one basisĀ via Skype (you can Skype-to-Skype for free), in the comfort of your own home.