Perception & Beyond

ripples-in-waterPerception-awareness is a major cornerstone in Resilience Coaching. Perception, after all, is dependent on how we process information through the senses. Let me explain…

The human brain functions similarly to a computer, storing memories like ‘files’, held within different ‘folders’ – which we use to categorise our experiences. The sensory information that we experience in our world is transmitted, via the senses, to be processed in our brains where the information received is then assessed, compared to and updated with respect to what has previously been processed – that is, the information held in our memories.

The act of comparing the newly received information with that stored in our memory allows us to literally make sense of our world, since it is in drawing comparisons that we derive meaning.

This process allows us to build up, in our memory, life experience upon which we draw in our everyday decision-making. Our experience, however, is based on our perception of what we believe is going/has gone on in our world; it is not necessarily a direct reflection. This is because our perception is none other than our own take on reality as we perceive it, given our own individual prejudices and biases. (This is not denying that ‘reality’ doesn’t exist but simply that truly objective reality is questionable).

As such, our perception is an interpretation of our past which influences not only how we interpret our current circumstances (where we are today versus the past) but also our future (where we are likely to be tomorrow).

My NLP-training allows me to work with you at the level of your beliefs and memories to assist you in transforming your perceptions. In so doing, you can transform not only the way you feel about your past but also the way you may choose to perceive your future.

In this package, you can expect to: gain insight into what triggers your limiting beliefs; develop personally tailored resilience strategies on how to short-circuit these along with unhealthy behaviour; make headway in reaching your objective(s); increase your overall sense of well-being by transforming the way you communicate with yourself and thus with others. (Typically requires a minimum 8-session commitment + initial session).

Each session is held in the strictest confidence, on a one-to-one basis via Skype (you can Skype-to-Skype for free), in the comfort of your own home.