Resilience Coaching

barometerThe concept of learning resilience skills – to improve your capacity to respond to the fast pace of stress and change in our lives – is likely to be the next big thing to happen in the personal development world.

The fact is rapid technological advancements, the increased mobility of where/how people live and work as well as the need to adapt to new emerging situations, are all part and parcel of life in the 21st century.

For years now, economies such as those of Europe and North America have been paving the way for their citizens to get used to the idea of life-long learning. In practice, this translates into the need for each individual to invest in (their own) continuous professional training in preparation for life in an uncertain world. This is one where the assuredness of a job-for-life has been replaced by the individual’s ability to adapt to shorter job-cycles and the exigencies of highly flexible and changing labour markets.

The upshot is that in addition to high-calibre skills, companies frequently require employees to adapt to change – whatever form that may take – within the blink of an eye. The self-employed hardly have it any easier, either: your ability to keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of your clients’ constantly evolving needs is likely to guarantee your success as well as your survival.

Changing people or circumstances beyond our control is often not possible; but we can change the way we choose to respond to them… However, it seems that we’re often still left struggling to cope as studies indicate that life’s increasing pressures are literally killing us!

All is not lost, though! According to research, success lies with those able to ride the change by bolstering their emotional (and physical) well-being. And so, this is why I chose to develop Resilience Coaching.

Given my NLP-training (Practitioner & Master Practitioner certificates), I can help you devise your own tools/strategies geared to building your capacity to respond more effectively to change. This range of products combines guidance, insight, coaching and personal learning while targeting a given issue, thus offering a more streamlined approach.