Why use a Life Coach?

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that failed to make it past the second month of the year?

This may be fine for a New Year’s resolution; but how about something of significant importance – that could potentially affect the way you live and work, your family’s future or the amount of happiness you can expect to look forward to in your life?

‘Change’ seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips these days… However, in reality, many of us often opt for going with the flow because it’s usually the easiest route to take – the one of least resistance.

That may indeed be the correct choice, at a given moment, on a given occasion. But what if it weren’t? How would you know if things could have been different? Why wait another 5-10 years to find out whether you made the right choice? Wouldn’t it instead be useful to explore all the available options from now and make an ‘informed decision’? I can help you achieve this. I can provide the time, space and structure that will allow you to explore what it is you really want and why as well as how to go about turning it into a concrete reality.

Working together in partnership, I will assist you in identifying the strategies to reach your outcome. There’s little chance of losing sight of your goal, nor being prone to flailing commitment! The ongoing support you will receive, coupled with my gently pushing you forward and holding you accountable for the actions you decide to undertake, will enable you to remain motivated and focused. How could fail to make progress?