Coaching For Individuals

sunflowerThe idea of learning for personal development and transformation is central to the Acacia philosophy.

Studies show that the success of coaching as a method lies in its ability to combine various types of learning through a process of generating, applying and integrating new knowledge.

Discovering, Applying and Integrating: the Process of Learning in Coaching – Dr Kerryn Griffiths & Dr Marilyn Campbell (PDF, 117KB)

Knowledge of course can come from any – and everywhere – from the mundane to the extraordinary; however the process of learning generally best succeeds when it is specifically tailored to individual needs.

This in short is my aim. I offer a range of products geared and adapted to your specific learning interests and requirements. So, there’re products which provide the kind of learning that enhances your skillset – both personal and professional; while others invite you to expand your perception and transform your entire way of thinking and being…

If, for example, you’ve been having difficulty in making headway in a particular area of your life, have you ever considered that this could be due to more subtle elements, such as your perception, your capacity to cope with change and/or your emotional intelligence rather than a mere lack of information or decision-making skills?

My Perception & Beyond package within my Resilience Coaching range addresses just that! It’s designed to tackle the more pernicious areas of personal growth; while other products in the range target specific practical issues. Designed to get to the heart of the matter, the Resilience Coaching series provides a more streamlined approach to personal development learning.

For those however who prefer a highly flexible and less structured way of working, my NLP Life Coaching offers the opportunity to work together in order to create whatever happens to be your goal or heart’s desire.

Whether you’re new to coaching or have experienced it before, my unique range of products are designed to suit most interests – from the practical to the esoteric.