Client Reviews

I have used Amanda’s services for personal coaching. I have found her to be a committed and very effective coach. She is flexible, intuitive and highly skilled. Her personal style and approach to the coaching relationship enables her to provide superb support and bring the best out of her client. I am happy to recommend her services. G Capra

My son needed the private tuition to support him on a one-to-one basis as this is how he learns best. My son’s reading, writing and motivation have all improved and this has been supported by his school reports. His reading and writing has improved by 2 reading years.

However, for me the best improvement I have seen is his interacting skills: my son’s mind and knowledge have opened up and I believe this is because Amanda is very creative in her approach and reaches in to meet him where he is at and then brings him out from this mind set, challenges and stretches him in many ways. This support has led him to receiving an award at school for creative personal achievement and will be kept on record for the rest of the school’s future. B Allyson

Amanda provided me with coaching over several months in my role as Strategy and Policy Projects Officer for the local borough council. I lacked confidence at work and Amanda helped me to examine many of the issues that I had been finding problematic. In some cases there were relatively simple solutions such as time management techniques.

In other cases, I recognised that there were wider structural issues impacting on my work. Amanda helped me rationalise these more complex situations and learn from them. This boosted my confidence. Since completing the coaching I have felt more positive at work and have completed a post graduate diploma in management – gaining a distinction. I generally feel more capable of taking on the world now. Amanda was a pleasure to work with and I wish her all the best in the future as she deserves it. N Schuller

The Coaching experience allowed us to identify the areas of writing and documentation creation that were causing me problems.

The dyslexic strategy training created by Amanda Gittens was very helpful to me. It aided my understanding of developing structured written text and the rules of grammar needed to create professional documentation. I was also able to understand how to analyze and organise my ideas through the use of mind maps and picture word association, which allowed me to structure ideas into a presentable format.

The training has benefited my ability to develop my career as a Strategy and Architecture Consultant for IBM. The role requires ideas to be presented in a written format. The training I received made it much easier for me to put my ideas onto paper. A Bardell

The dyslexic strategy training with Amanda Gittens was very helpful to me. It aided my understanding and development of structuring written text, reading text, analysis of information, organising my ideas through the use of mind maps, picture word association and vocabulary.

The training has benefited my lecturing work at the London College of Fashion as it has improved my reference writing skills and helped with organising priorities and aims in my creative practice as a designer. K Sarwar