About Acacia

The Acacia tree is said to be associated with the tree of life in ancient Egyptian mythology.

And what is life without knowledge?

Hence, Acacia: The Knowledge Tree is concerned with various types of knowledge – not only logical, scientific and intellectual – but emotional intelligence, personal development, interpersonal skills and unconscious knowledge.

The latter may come perhaps as somewhat of a surprise, but don’t forget Freud devoted much of his research to the workings of the unconscious mind!

Indeed, NLP Coaching pays great store by what can come from within: it’s about preventing the conscious mind from intellectualising what it think it knows, and allowing the hidden, unconscious knowledge to come to the surface. The results can be truly quite incredible!

Thus, learning, as a concept, is central to the practice of Coaching – whether Executive or Life Coaching – and Acacia: The Knowledge Tree. It involves accessing a state of awareness and perception that is the prelude to change. As a process, learning may be gradual and incremental, rather like the transformation of a seed to tree. Many seasons may pass before it becomes fully grown and is able to bear fruit…

Similarly, each one of us are on our own individual learning path, developing in our own time. It’s a natural, unforced process – of which no experience is ever lost, ever truly wasted…

And, in time, each one of us, like the tree, will grow to discover our true potential.