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p-8913212My name is Amanda Gittens and welcome to the Acacia website!

Do you have a goal you want to achieve? An ambition you want to realise? Or maybe you’re a business who’s heard of the many benefits that Executive Coaching can bring to your Return On Investment (ROI)? Whether you’re looking for tried-and-tested solutions to increase your company’s productivity, achieve a goal, or you’re just keen to embark on a journey of self-discovery and development to attain greater personal success and satisfaction, the answer could be at hand!

I’m an experienced Life & Executive Coach, with a background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), teaching/training, languages, communications, conflict management and social science research. I assist people and businesses implement the change and transformation they are seeking to experience, by providing tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs, values and goals.

I work with you to design bespoke tools for your own personal development and/or professional training requirements via a range of products. Typically, my products offer different levels of commitment to suit your various learning needs as well as your pocket!

Whatever you wish to achieve, my aim is to facilitate you in harnessing your true potential – whether it’s through strategic coaching of your key employees, increasing your resilience capacity or diversifying your life skills’ repertoire.

By choosing to invest in the development of your potential now, you’re choosing to invest in a brighter future for yourself and others. For, as you begin to perceive yourself, your world and what you have to offer in new and exciting ways, you will notice the subsequent impact – not only on the choices you decide to make but also on the quality of your relationships, personal and professional.

Therefore, whether you’re just curious about Resilience Coaching and/or Life Coaching and learning more about your motivations and ambitions, or improving the performance of your key executives through Executive Coaching, I invite you to explore my website along with the services I offer. As you do so, why not ponder: how different would life be if you were able to achieve the change you are seeking, that is, to discover your/your business’s true potential?